Major international events are the places to identify the “weak signals of change” that help inform digital strategies. But because of the masses of information out there it becomes difficult to identify and prioritise the opportunity, thereby interpreting what it really means to you. The digital community in Scotland is dynamic, creative, collaborative and ambitious, so from March 2015, we have brought the best of the global conversation, helping the community make sense of what's coming down the track and what they should do about it.

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We'll bring brain-achingly brilliant and free-flowing content and discussion.  Our mission is to make your head hurt.  If it doesn't, then we aren't doing our job properly!  We will pull together the global discussion, rip it apart and then put it all back together again in the context of what it means for Scotland’s digital community.  But the content is just the start – this is simply the raw material that will help stimulate opinion, debate and then lead to action!

We want you to become part of the debate, participate in the discussion and leave inspired to go out and create, collaborate. Our interactive programme includes:

Future Worlds

Listen to a digital visionary talking about what is currently shaking up the sector and what is likely to disrupt it in the future.

Audience With

You will hear from some of the top figures in the sector on how they are shaping their business in the digital age.


The latest trends in the mobile, tech, games and media sectors and what you should do about it.


Showcases the leading lights from Scotland's digital community.

360D Takeaways 360D Videos